Create a safe and clean factory environment-they are on the move!



Create a safe and clean factory environment-they are on the move!

Last night's torrential rain was so fierce that it poured from the sky like the sky collapsed, giving us a surprise ".

After the crazy baptism of a night of heavy rain, loess, sediment deposition, branches and debris can be seen everywhere in the factory area. In order to ensure the safety of employees traveling to and from work, under the leadership of deputy manager you canyu, colleagues in the administrative department volunteered to form a dredging action team immediately.

The storm is merciless, and Lijiexun has love. They pulled the fire hose to wash the ground against the wind and rain, some used shovels to remove sediment from the ground, and some used brooms to clean the road, allowing the cold rain to beat on their cheeks without retreating. They fully demonstrated the good mental outlook of Lijiexun people who are not afraid of dirt, hardship, tiredness, and bravely shouldering heavy burdens.

Integration and innovation to catch up, only excellence can win, the company's progress thanks to you. Thanks to every family member who has worked hard for Lijiexun, your efforts will make our home better and better!

Figure/Text: Wei Yuxin Review: You Milk Life