Build a strong security line, "safe production" we are in action



Build a strong security line,

In order to implement the company's instructions on carrying out the 2022 "Safety Production Month" activities, promote the implementation of various measures for safety production, and further improve the company's production safety work. On June 28, the production safety month theme activity of "abiding by the safety production law and being the first responsible person" was carried out in the exhibition hall on the first floor of the inspection building. The activities include: safety production general education, safety production training, safety production knowledge competition, watching safety production accident videos, etc. More than 100 pharmaceutical factory employees participated in the activity.

Safety Production Training

Factory Director and Production Director You Nishou conducted the safety production training of "Eight Special Operation Safety Management Training". He stressed that while all departments and workshops strengthen the vocational skills training of employees, they should also strengthen safety training, standardize the technological process, strengthen safety awareness and enhance the sense of responsibility.

General Education on Safety in Production

Wang Ping, Deputy Director of Production, conducted general education on safety in production. He stressed that safety in production is the basis for the survival and development of Lijiexun, strengthened the awareness of safety in production of all staff and kept in awe of safety at all times, implemented the "awareness of safety in production responsibility" and jointly promoted the overall improvement of safety in production of the company.

Prize-winning knowledge contest

Watch the safety production warning video

Then, conduct the safety knowledge prize-winning contest contest and watch the safety production warning video.

Quality Director Le Yunyan Summarized

Finally, Quality Director Le Yunyan summarized the safety production month activity: "Hidden dangers are better than open fires, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is more important than Mount Tai". Only by eliminating small hidden dangers can major accidents be prevented, and only by attaching importance to the implementation of the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, to truly ensure production safety.
Build a solid security line, "safe production", Lijiexun people have been acting!

Author: Lin Xiling