Spread the power of example-Song Han: hard work dedicated to drug research and development.



Spread the power of example-Song Han: hard work dedicated to drug research and development.

She is the winner of the May 4th Youth Medal of Ningde City and the March 8th Red Flag bearer of Ningde City. In 2007, she left her family and came to Zherong, a mountain city. In 15 years, she turned her hometown into her hometown, devoted herself to the research and development of drug science and technology, and silently contributed her youth and strength to the development of Zherong's pharmaceutical industry. She is Song Han, deputy manager of research and development department of Fujian Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Song Han, graduated from Zhengzhou University in 2007 with a major in pharmaceutical preparations, and joined Jiexun in July of the same year. He successively served as a laboratory technician in the quality control department, a research and development technician in the technology center, a director in charge of the technology center, a deputy director of the technology center, and a deputy manager of the research and development department. He has undertaken more than 20 drug research and technical research tasks. The participating project "famotidine calcium and magnesium chewable tablets" was awarded the third prize of Fujian excellent new products in 2010, "citicoline sodium tablets" was awarded the third prize of Fujian excellent new products in 2011, and "preparation of Yanhuning by spray drying method" was awarded the third prize of Fujian scientific progress award in 2014. "A new impurity of tifen fumarate and its preparation method and its preparation method and detection method" won the Chinese invention patent in March 2020.

Song Han at work bears hardships and stands hard work, loves his post and works hard. In order to ensure the progress of the company's projects, she often takes the initiative to work overtime, 24 hours a day, even during illness. In 2018, she suffered a missing fracture of the middle finger of her right hand and needed to be hospitalized for 15 days due to serious injury. During her hospitalization, in order not to delay her work, she took the computer with her, reviewed the data while giving intravenous drip, held a meeting while giving intravenous drip, and guided the project team to draft the research plan and telephone to guide the experimental research work. According to the work-related injury management measures, the 10-level work-related injury can enjoy 3 months of work stoppage and salary, but as soon as she is discharged from the hospital, she will immediately return to her post and continue to engage in research and development.

Song Han is rigorous and meticulous in his work. In order to improve his professional and technical level, Song Han often uses weekend evenings to delve into pharmaceutical expertise and new policies and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, and frequently does experiments, uses more brains, learns at work, and improves in learning. A few years ago, the samples produced by the company's spray drying Yanhuning showed discoloration and unqualified PH value during the placement process. Song Han formulated a series of process optimization plans by understanding the nature of the products and consulting literature, studied the factors affecting the stability of the products one by one, and solved the problem of product uncertainty through small and pilot tests in the past six months. The new product terlipressin for injection is a new polypeptide product, through the analysis of the material structure of the product, it was found that the product was sensitive to ions, oxygen, temperature and light, the comparative study of the sample was carried out by orthogonal test, and the preliminary stability of the sample was investigated, and an improved production process was developed, which basically solved the problem ...... Similar examples are numerous in Song Han.

Since 2007, Song Han has successively undertaken the research and development of more than 20 projects of the company, and currently 3 varieties have been listed for sale. Especially in terms of product freeze-drying technology, extensive and in-depth research has been carried out with the help of product research and development, and a set of own freeze-drying technology has been formed, which provides a new technological innovation point for the company's freeze-dried product development. At the same time, Song Han himself has been rated as an excellent employee and the best innovation expert by the company many times. Innovative ideas have been applied to a number of research and development varieties, saving the company about 500000 yuan in research and development costs.

"I endure insipid and work hard. Next, I will continue to take root in my post, face up to difficulties, promote medical innovation, and continue to contribute to the development of Zherong's pharmaceutical industry." Song Han said.

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