The future can be unlimited │ 2022 Lijiexun Pharmaceutical "Power Star" Guan Peisheng opened a class



The future can be unlimited │ 2022 Lijiexun Pharmaceutical
In order to ensure that Guan Peisheng will quickly change his mentality, integrate into the enterprise, adapt to the work of departments and posts, grow rapidly and become the backbone of the company, the company held the opening ceremony of the 2022 "Star of Strength" Guan Peisheng of Lijiexun Pharmaceutical in the exhibition hall of the pharmaceutical factory on the afternoon of July 4.

The number of employees in this period is 40, including 33 formal employees and 7 interns. There are 32 undergraduates and 8 junior college students. They are from Putian, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Fuding, Fu'an, Zherong, and Guizhou, a major tourist province.
Company Chairman and General Manager Ms. Lin Yuan, Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Lin Jun, Factory Director and Production Director Mr. You Nishou, Quality Director Mr. Le Yunyan and other company leaders attended the opening ceremony.

General Manager Lin Yuan gave a speech at the beginning of the class, warmly welcoming all the students and putting forward requirements and expectations for Guan Peisheng. Lijiexun will become an important milestone in Guan Peisheng's career. Factory director you naishou spoke as the leader representative of the training department, and deputy production director Wang ping spoke as the mentor representative.

randomly selected several freshmen to give their entry speeches. from their speeches, they felt everyone's youthful vitality, their strength and their expectations for the future!

It is expected that all new employees will have a deeper understanding of Lijiexun through training, a deeper understanding of the spirit of the company, live up to the time, learn something, and climb the peak bravely in the future work and forge ahead!

Author: Wu Huiling