Research and Development Division-Unity and Endeavour, Innovation and Efficiency, Grateful for Having You, and Work Together to Sail Away



On July 22, 2022, the R & D Division launched the first team culture construction activity of the year-interesting knowledge competition, new welcome ceremony and birthday party. In order to reduce work pressure, break the strangeness between new and old colleagues, and create a passionate, responsible and joyful working atmosphere

Research and Development Division-Unity and Endeavour, Innovation and Efficiency, Grateful for Having You, and Work Together to Sail Away
On July 22, 2022, the R & D Division launched the first team culture building activity of the year-interesting knowledge competition, welcome ceremony and birthday party for newcomers. In order to reduce work pressure, break the strangeness between new and old colleagues, and create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility and joy, so that everyone can better devote themselves to the next work, all staff are randomly divided into four teams to carry out team building activities.
This group building activity is presided over by manager Zhang Yashan. The activity is mainly carried out around the theme of "unity and forge ahead, innovation and efficiency, gratitude for you, and cooperation in sailing". According to the sequence of the activity, it is divided into three parts: welcome ceremony for new people, interesting knowledge competition and birthday party. The fun knowledge contest and the newcomer welcome ceremony are mainly to let everyone understand and understand the spirit of "unity and forge ahead" through mutual understanding. This group building activity is also the first time that the research and development department has held a number of meaningful activities together, which has been greatly improved compared with the past, and the content and form of the activities have been innovated. While innovating, it also pays attention to efficiency. In a limited time, the group building team can organize everyone to gradually advance and complete according to the activity schedule, which is a test and exercise.

Before the welcome ceremony for the first part of the newcomer, Dr. Wang Haiyan, Vice President of Research and Development, delivered an emotional and enlightening speech:

First of all, Wang Bo said that our department's past was difficult, but the future must be smooth. What we have experienced not only witnesses the past of hard struggle in R & D, but also indicates that R & D will have a bright future. Our team will also be more innovative and efficient, more united and forge ahead!

Secondly, Wang Bo emphasized the importance of personal choice: Every successful life has five choices: 1. Going to college, 2. Getting married, 3. Employment, 4. Career (ideal), 5. Platform; Because few people can seize the first three opportunities when they are young, but I hope each of us can seize the next two precious opportunities, achieve a life span.
Finally, Wang Bo gave all his friends life advice: Life is very long, why panic. A successful life must have three characteristics that accompany you: hard work, persistence and choice. The most important thing for success in life is choice, followed by persistence and hard work. Choice is more important than hard work, so don't choose in a hurry. If you choose, you need to stick to it to succeed. Wang Bo said that everyone chose Lijiexun, very welcome and thank you. The platform of Lijiexun is large enough, and the cause of drug research and development is very good. Lijiexun is not only the place where we start our dream, but also the place where we can realize our dream. As long as we all work together, Lijiexun and you will surely flourish and move towards glory in the future! After the leader of
finished his speech, the welcome ceremony for the new couple was officially launched. A total of 12 small partners were invited to the orientation meeting, and they introduced themselves respectively. The new representative of this issue, Dean Kang Lifeng Kang, did not hesitate to share his personal work experience and impart his work experience in his self-introduction, which confirmed the truth that "enterprise growth can drive personal growth. He also said that only by settling down to work, determining choices and keeping one's feet on the ground can one develop one's own skills.

Another highlight of this new welcome ceremony is that it invited Song Han, manager of the technology center, and Xu Yizhou, director of the preparation room 1 of the high-end preparation research institute, the two oldest predecessors in the research and development department, to present new medals to the new colleagues, increasing the honor of all small partners to join the research and development family of Lijiexun, and implying the hope of "Lijiexun, I hope that new employees can be stationed in the company like them to express the spirit of inheritance handed down from generation to generation. At the same time, it also conveys the meaning of "passing on, helping and leading". The elderly help new people integrate into the company and department faster, unite colleagues and grow together.
Next is the second interesting knowledge contest that everyone is looking forward! The fun knowledge contest adopts a random grouping method, which is divided into four teams: red, blue, orange, and pink. Everyone is grouped by fate. This method is conducive to breaking the phenomenon of "gangs" and better enhancing everyone's understanding of each other. Knowledge and understanding.
All teams seem to be determined to win the first place in this competition. Why do they feel this way? Just look at everyone's slogans! The first is the slogan of our red team: "red team, red team, everything is right!" Followed by the blue team slogan: "go forward, strive for the first!" Next is the slogan of our orange team: "wisdom, unity, invincible!" Finally, our pink team: "Pink and Pink, Never Counseling!" I believe everyone can feel the determination to win from the slogan of each team!
Perhaps the individual's knowledge reserve has not yet been able to cover everything, but the strength of the team is strong. When you stand up bravely to answer questions, you are not alone behind you, but have a powerful think tank that is constantly helping you to find out what is missing. At the end of the first must-answer session, the blue team was far ahead and gaining momentum! However, the ups and downs turned around, and in the second rush to answer questions, they were overtaken by the red team, and the number of fouls and adventurous punishments by each team also rose. The representatives of each team said that whether they could get the question or not and whether they would commit a foul was related to the "geographical location", so there was the following scene: the representatives of the four teams sat side by side in front of the timer to start the decisive battle "the top of the Forbidden City!

After the exciting and joyful answer session, everyone's eyes are focused on the host's hands. Who will win the first place in the team? Which four small partners can win the best individual award? The host announced the ranking for everyone: the first team was the red team, the second team was the pink team, and the third team was the blue team and the orange team. The four partners who won the best individual award were Lin Qijie from the red team, Jiang Lianghong from the blue team, Wen Shaotian from the orange team and Zheng Yibo from the pink team! Under the laughter and applause of everyone, the second part of the group building activity also ended, but the tension, stimulation, trust and emotion at the beginning of the activity will remain in everyone's hearts for a long time.

After a turn of the camera, we came to the last part of this team cultural construction activity-birthday party! This birthday party invited 25 birthday stars who celebrated their birthdays in the first half of the year. Dean Meng Shufang and Dean Kang Lifeng sent birthday cards and gifts to all birthday stars. At the same time, President Tu Changbing Tu was invited to send birthday wishes to all the birthday girls at this birthday party and expressed his expectations for the future of the R & D Division.

The theme of this cultural group building activity is "Unity and Endeavour, Innovation and Efficiency, Grateful for You, and Sailing Together". The so-called unity and forge ahead means that the whole team works together and fights together and goes forward bravely. Innovation and efficiency is a belief that the R & D Division has always adhered to. Gratitude has you expressing that everyone is grateful to the company, the platform, the leadership and colleagues, and grows together. To work together to sail far away is to hope that we can work together in the future and move forward and sail far away with the research and development team.
This group building has made us all know each other. Many of our friends who were originally on WeChat and DingTalk have been given familiar faces, and everyone is no longer "divine friendship. We have seen different people. During the knowledge competition, we will not complain about the wrong answers of our teammates. Instead, we will encourage each other, be more united and actively answer questions. Seeing such a cohesive and effective team, I deeply feel the importance of the team and am very moved. Everyone plays a different role in the team, and everyone is the protagonist. As long as everyone can work together, there will be no difficulties and problems that cannot be solved. At the same time, I also hope that in the daily work in the future, everyone can always remember that we are a team, don't be afraid, you will never be alone, you have a solid support behind you.
After the event, many colleagues expressed their gratitude to the company and the platform. Thank you very much for creating an opportunity to get closer and get familiar with each other. He also expressed his willingness to join hands with the company and grow together to build the company into a well-known listed pharmaceutical company in China!
-- To the team:
"The best way of life is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people! Looking back, there is a story along the way; bow your head, there is a firm step; look up, there is a clear distance." (Quote)
The overall planning of this group building activity: Chen Jing and Zhuang Jinhua;
Instructor: Meng Shufang;
Host: Zhang Yashan;
Staff: Chen Jing, Zhuang Jinhua, Yu Baofeng, Meng Shufang.

Author: Zhuang Jinhua