The best August to meet you-beautiful Pingtan



The best August to meet you-beautiful Pingtan
On August 5, the middle and senior managers of Lijiexun used their spare time to hold a half-year work summary meeting to come to the beautiful Pingtan to carry out a physical and mental relaxation group building activity. This activity not only relaxed everyone's body and mind, but also saw the beauty of Pingtan Blue. The breadth of Pingtan Sea is still full of happiness. At the first stop of
, we came to the 68-nautical-mile scenic spot, which stands near the sea and consists of the three islands of monkey research island, research island and limited mountain island. monkey research island is the nearest place to Taiwan island in the mainland of the motherland, only 68 nautical miles from Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The whole monkey research island is full of rocks wherever you look. And none of these rocks are similar, each with its own characteristics. There are many attractions here, meaning deep.

The Eye of the Strait-Whenever the rising sun rises in the eyes of the Strait, it seems to give it the flexibility of life, looking at the place 68 nautical miles from the mainland of the motherland, hoping that the child will return to his mother's arms as soon as possible.

Concentric Stone-Taking cross-strait maps as design elements and stamps as carriers, it connects the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, reflecting the inseparable blood relationship between compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Zen foundation stone-a scene is formed by stacking stones along the coastline, which is like a door opened for relatives. Time here seems to condense in a moment, showing the beauty of art.

Looking Back Stone-Stone Turtle Facing the Sea, Looking Deeply Across the Strait, Watching and Protecting a Heart Unswervingly Looking Back.

Second stop, Beibu Gulf-Changjiang Australia-Tanan Bay.

Beibu Gulf, ecological corridor, sea-watching glass plank road, we watch the sea near the cliff and listen to the sea quietly. At the moment, it reminds me of Cao Cao's poem "facing Jieshi in the east, in order to see the sea, the water is not bright, the mountains and islands stand by", facing the sea high, the view is very small, and the magnificent scene of the sea is panoramic. See the beautiful scenery is easy to empty, stay for a long time, the weather is unexpectedly good, the sea is more and more blue, blue breathtaking.

Changjiang Ao-car tour to watch the coastline of Huandao Road, natural bathing beach and windmill field. Pingtan windmill field is the largest wind power generation field in Fujian Province and a beautiful picture composed of modern industrial civilization and natural landscape.

Along the way, the admiration of "wow ~ wow ~ wow ~" is enough to prove that we have been conquered by the beautiful scenery of Pingtan blue.

Tannan Bay-the beach walks on the waves and plays with water, and the seaside swings seem to return to childhood, forget yourself and blend into the sea.

evening, we all sang and danced under the leadership of the host, and life was about to-live your life!

returned to the hotel and set an alarm clock at 4: 30. I made an appointment with Mr. Liu to get up and watch the sunrise. Such a beautiful scenery, I must not miss.
Everything went according to plan. At 5 o'clock in the morning, we came to Longfengtou Bay to watch the sunrise.
At this moment, we are welcoming the baptism of the sea breeze. We are in a super happy mood. We are walking on the beach along the way. Facing the sea, we only have wow. There are many people on the beach and the sea is very clear.

a group of sunrise pictures, invite you to enjoy! The sky glow into the water, the water sky red for a while. The sunrise glittering sea is beautiful ~

best to meet you in August-beautiful Pingtan.
wish Lijiexun's development like this sunrise and its career is thriving!

Author: Li Juan