"Then ride the wind and waves, no one can stop it, and run bravely to the place you want to go..." With the melody of the music, a group of enthusiastic little friends danced in the East Shishan Square, and our dance interest group was among them.
# At the beginning of May, under the call of the company's trade union, we set up a dance interest group. The members of the group cover the company's production, quality, research and development, administration department and other departments. Nearly 20 employees voluntarily signed up. The purpose of this interest group is to enrich employees' spare time life, exercise their bodies, develop their physical quality, cultivate their temperament and form a positive upward trend, working atmosphere of unity and progress. Team

adheres to the principle of self-management and carries out activities under the leadership of the team leader. I still remember when I first started dancing training, I complained bitterly. I sweated profusely during the training and my legs were weak and weak after the training. Because every dance exercise requires roll call and attendance statistics, many team members want to give up, but with the mutual encouragement of the members of the group, everyone insisted on training three times a week for one hour each time, rain or shine. It is also a good thing to train with the teacher in the dance hall on rainy days, and to train in the handsome dongshi mountain square on sunny days, enjoying the beautiful scenery, surrounded by enthusiastic residents and dancing.

In the dance interest group, most of the group members have no dance foundation. I am also a small white dance player. However, under the guidance of the dance teacher and the mutual help of the group members, so far, we have completed a quarter of dance training. Everyone has also learned the basic dance steps of ghost dance and several simple finished dances, although there are still some deficiencies, but it has begun to bear fruit. In addition to following the teacher's class training, we will also organize the group's internal dance practice in our spare time. In the practice, we not only learned dance knowledge, but also strengthened communication and communication, and met other like-minded friends in the dance team.

I hope that in the following training, the small partners can make persistent efforts, unite and cooperate, dance with the melody, dance happily, dance healthily, bring the enthusiasm of dance movement to the surface, radiate the surrounding area, and drive everyone to participate in healthy sports.
Author: Jiang Lianghong