Care for the health of employees, physical examination warm people's hearts



Care for the health of employees, physical examination warm people's hearts

Lijiexun has always been adhering to the humanistic care culture of "people-oriented, caring for employees" and continuously improving the company's welfare system. Adhere to the concept of prevention first, employee health above all else, pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, let employees have a comprehensive understanding of their own health through physical examination, achieve early prevention and early treatment, and ensure that employees live a healthy and happy life and work .

This year, the pharmaceutical factory has taken another new measure in the employee welfare physical examination program. On the basis of the annual free physical examination for all employees, the administrative department has contacted a pulse of sunshine with advanced brand and medical equipment intelligence and more advantages to enter the enterprise to provide more convenient physical examination services for employees. On the morning of August 26, a pulse of sunshine medical staff arrived at Zherong, busy in the activity area of the pharmaceutical factory, quickly and professionally installed physical examination equipment, and then carried out the examination of chest radiograph, color Doppler ultrasound, electrocardiogram, biochemical complete set, internal and surgical routine and other modules. The medical staff's service attitude was excellent, and the company's employees also cooperated in an orderly manner, making the whole physical examination process smooth, orderly and friendly. With the joint organization and cooperation of all medical staff and various departments of the pharmaceutical factory, it took only 4 hours to efficiently and successfully complete the physical examination project for 178 people, so that the family members of Lijiexun can enjoy high-quality physical examination without leaving home. Service and popularization of health knowledge.

The company also kindly prepared a nutritious breakfast for the employees, which made the employees feel the care and warmth of the big family, and truly implemented the company's corporate culture. It also enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise.

Author: Wei Yuxin