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Because of the shining action of the halo, the small partners of the "May Monthly Star-Innovation List" have written stories of dedication and dedication based on their posts. Come and unlock the power of example together.

Li Jiexun's May Monthly Characters | Steady and Long-term Achievements, Learn Advanced Models and Ignite Model Power Together!

Because of the shining of the halo

action is more rapid and powerful

"May Monthly Star & Innovation List"

Small partners based on their posts

have written stories of dedication and commitment

Come and unlock the power of example together.

Month Best Innovation Award


Production Department Jin Wenqiang

Innovation Project: "Citicoline Sodium for Injection and Sodium Aescinate for Injection Ingredients at the same time"

Motto: Believe You are Victory!

Innovative Deeds: As a production personnel, Jin Wenqiang found that when three batches of products were processed at the same time in the previous workshop, two batching and two filtering were required for liquid preparation. Due to the discontinuous filtration, there is a large amount of residual waste liquid medicine in the filtration pipeline. At the same time, there is a difference in the content of the liquid medicine prepared in batches. Before filling in different batches, it is necessary to re-adjust the loading volume.

After discovering the loss in the batching process, Jin Wenqiang always thought that this was a multiple loss of energy, resources and manpower, so he immediately made a hypothesis, proposed a simultaneous batching scheme, and slowly proved the feasibility of the scheme in the work process. started immediately after hearing the call from his heart. After starting three batches of products at the same time, the number of liquid preparation, the number of filtration, and the loss of liquid medicine in the pipeline are all reduced once, effectively reducing the unit loss of production. Through the statistical comparison of production variety data before and after the program, the yield of citicoline sodium for injection was increased by 1.5, and the yield of sodium aescinate for injection was increased by 1.0. In addition, the operation time of the batching post can be shortened by 2h; The filling post and bottle washing post can also shorten the waiting time for batch change of 2h.

When doing things, he is not afraid of being slow, but he is afraid of standing at . Jin Wenqiang's action force not only enables him to make a leap, but also makes extraordinary contributions to Lijiexun.


Human Resources Department Li Zimu

Motto: Optimistic and Enterprising, Brave Rabbit, Not Afraid of Difficulties

Innovative Project: "Pharmaceutical Factory Training System Building-Implementation Rules and Training Assistant"

Innovative Deeds: Li Zimu is a human resources commissioner, responsible for the training and management of pharmaceutical companies. In the past, the training of pharmaceutical factories was mainly to complete internal training, and there were some problems, such as relatively single training courses and training forms, lack of attention to training management, and lack of department training docking personnel. In response to the problem, Li Zimu made a long analysis and combing, combined with the increase of the training platform of Fuzhou headquarters "Jie College", improved the training implementation rules of the pharmaceutical factory, and took into account the implementation problems, put forward the concept of "teaching assistant", put the training task into the special responsibility of the special person, and made the learning video of the training assistant, and gradually built a training system more suitable for the pharmaceutical factory, now the system has been promoted and implemented in pharmaceutical factories.

Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Training: (1) Combing and planning required courses and elective courses in pharmaceutical factories have been implemented and carried out;(2) Carry out internal lecturer course promotion and organize registration;(3) Start credit management and specify credit indicators of various departments;(4) Start related management and combine training with promotion, salary adjustment and post adjustment. Training Assistant: (1) Prepare the instruction manual for training assistants in pharmaceutical factories and organize and guide practice;(2) Compile the video of the use and operation of the training assistant "Jie College.

Through this improvement, we will guide employees to improve their professional level, professional accomplishment, etc., improve their comprehensive quality and promote their enthusiasm and initiative to participate in training. Introduce related management, standardize employee training, and better match employee career planning. Li Zimu said: "Talents are the source of vitality for the development of an enterprise. Doing a good job of training can not only support the realization of corporate strategy, but also a good growth platform for employees themselves. I will continue to do this work well and grow with everyone."


motto: thought of success and failure, but never thought of giving up

. All the past is preface

innovative deeds: Zhang Jiancheng and Shi Zhanfeng have always been "the first brother of the network" in everyone's eyes and have any network problems, with them there is an absolute sense of security. With the continuous expansion of the laboratory scale of the high-end preparation laboratory, it is not convenient to manage and time-consuming and laborious to set up user accounts separately according to the past. On the other hand, due to the disunity of account numbers, users often have to remember different passwords of different computers, and often remember mixed passwords and input wrong passwords, resulting in account numbers being locked and delaying the progress of the experiment.

Therefore, the network group Zhang Jiancheng and Shi Zhanfeng proposed to adopt AD domain control for management mode to bear the overall operation requirements. After obtaining the permission of the leaders, they worked together to complete the application, implementation (including system installation, user addition, policy setting, etc.), testing, on-line and system tracking after on-line, troubleshooting, etc. They often went back and forth between the research and development department and Fuzhou headquarters, and their efforts paid off. The laboratory computer is added to AD domain to realize unified management. not only facilitates the use of operators and the management of IT, but also improves the work efficiency of laboratory personnel.

has a heart in one art, its art must be worked, its heart is in one position, its art must be carried out, network security work is a guaranteed type of work, and you have to run wherever you need it. Zhang Jiancheng and Shi Zhanfeng can solve all kinds of network needs every moment while building a strong network and information security. It is this service spirit, only then can they see the network problems of the experimenters. As the saying goes, there is no trivial matter in administration. Their care and patience have created a more comfortable and reassuring network environment for everyone.

December Star


Production Department Zhang Biyun

Motto: No pains, no gains

Star Deeds: Zhang Biyun is mainly responsible for code spraying in the production department. In recent March, due to tight supply of pantoprazole sodium for injection, in the case of shortage of personnel, he set an example and led the code spraying team to complete the code spraying task efficiently, and then actively participated in the packaging task of powder needle thread and freeze-dried thread products. In order to catch up with the progress and the construction period, she has been on duty for more than 90 days in a row . She has not taken any rest or leave, sacrificing a lot of her time. She said it was easy to give up, but it must be cool to persist.

There was a failure of the internal parts of the code spraying and paging machine this month. It will take at least one week for the equipment to be purchased immediately to arrive and replaced, which will seriously affect the product packaging progress in the aseptic workshop. With her many years of operation experience, she cooperated with and guided the engineering department personnel to process temporary accessories for emergency use. made the equipment run smoothly and avoided the delay of product packaging.

In her usual work, she will also use the rest time to optimize and adjust the adjustment code spraying of the paging machine many times, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of code leakage, word leakage, illegibility, etc., and provides guarantee for the quality of product packaging.

Zhang Biyun's drive keeps her love and enthusiasm for work and life at all times. She will be invincible if she lives every day with hope.


Quality Department Zheng Xuerong

Motto: is like a micro-awn, making a torch into a yang.

Star Story: Zheng Xuerong is a registration commissioner, in the registration work : May to assist the leaders to complete the re-registration of Zengye Oral Liquid and Compound Glycyrrhizin for Injection, communicate with the provincial bureau teachers in a timely manner, and successfully obtain the re-registration approval before the expiration of the validity period to ensure the smooth production of the company's products. After that, she was independently responsible for the re-registration of levofloxacin mesylate for injection for the first time. In the re-registration application materials, the "re-registration process" was the key. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the re-registration work, the re-registration process review form was redesigned so that the heads of relevant departments could grasp the key points faster during the review and reduce the risk of errors in the application work to a certain extent. At present, the materials have been examined and approved by the provincial bureau, and the payment work has been completed. on the other hand, the filing work of changing the instructions of aceglutamide for injection has also been carried out smoothly at the same time, and the two important first independent registration applications have been successfully completed.

In the aspect of packaging material review: can timely find out the errors in the design draft of packaging materials that do not meet the relevant requirements and regulations, and inform relevant departments to revise the design draft to avoid duplication of review work and waste of packaging materials. Work hard, focus on the present, and do everything well. One day, your harvest will be beyond imagination.


Research and Development Center Yuan Jingjing

Motto: Those who do not seek easy will succeed, those who do not seek refuge will enter

Star Deeds: Since August 2022, Yuan Jingjing has been able to adapt quickly and complete the work independently, during this period, he participated in more than one consistency evaluation project and quality analysis of innovative drugs. At the time of the heaviest testing work, we actively assisted in the process verification of oseltamivir phosphate dry suspension, worked overtime to complete the preparation of about ,200 samples for mixing uniformity testing , and completed the quality analysis with good quality and quantity. During this period, he assisted in the development of analytical methods for toxic impurities in crystal C of rupatifen fumarate raw material, and various testing tests of vitamin B2 tablets. While completing the quality analysis work, diversified development, actively cooperated with the microsphere preparation work, and led the key work such as the moisture determination of the microsphere after freeze-drying and the micro-leakage sealing test of the microsphere bottle used in the microsphere project.

has made great strides. Further, Yuan Jingjing believes that happiness comes from struggle. If you travel every day, you will not be afraid of thousands of miles ~

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