Read a good book and share the fun of reading.



Read a good book and share the fun of reading.

In the golden autumn season, the book club's friends and their party are full of love for books and knowledge. In the coming harvest season, they gather in the beautiful new countryside-Boot Ridge Tail, which enjoys the hometown of knives and scissors, to share their insights and experiences in the recent reading process.

"Read a book well and share the fun of reading" is the aim that the book club has always adhered to in its establishment, guiding and creating a good learning atmosphere in reading and learning. With the continuous development of the company, more and more friends from the reading club will join in.

Reading can help you make friends and expand your social circle. Through reading, you can find like-minded friends, talk about the world together, and have fun. Isn't that a great benefit.

At the sharing meeting, we experienced Audrey Hepburn's never-brown elegant life. If we have elegance, we can calmly resist all the uneasiness in the world. Puppy Qian Qian told us to get rid of the habit of complaining, to have action, and to dare to break through and face up to fear. The little prince who washed his heart, let you forget the disputes of the world, you can only see with your heart, and the essential things can't be seen with your eyes. Recognizing irrationality, we make wiser and more rational choices. From the history of humiliation in modern China to the century-old journey, we are deeply proud of the growing strength of our motherland and are more concerned about the return of Taiwan, the treasure island. Different thoughts and interests meet here and discuss with each other.

Reading can not only broaden our horizons, increase our knowledge, cultivate good self-study habits and reading ability, but also concentrate our attention and become more focused in doing things. "A good book can affect a person's life." Reading a good book is an attitude of the friends of the reading club towards work and life. Thanks to the good learning exchange platform provided by the company, let us work together to create a good learning atmosphere.

Author: Jiang Yuhua