Books and coffee.



Books and coffee.
The breeze blows the curtains slightly, and there is a fragrance of books in the coffee fragrance. On November 19, the small partners of the book club held the third reading sharing activity in our coffee shop.

In the free weekend, the "3 to 5" book club gathered in the coffee shop to enjoy the rare slow time. At the sharing meeting, "Becoming the Autobiography of Michelle Obama" took us to know a person who achieved a historic breakthrough, took us into the depths of her soul, and witnessed how Michelle worked hard to live truly, and how to achieve a series of Higher ideals contribute personal strength and voice. "your image is worth millions" makes us understand the importance of image and how to cultivate image. We need to pay attention to improving in details, learn from observation, don't let your tongue surpass your mind, read a lot of books, and at the same time, be a good listener.

and the following "Life Code", like the adult version of "100,000 Whys", highly condenses the evolution history of the earth through specific clock directions. The changes accurate to the minute and second make people realize the power of evolution and the insignificance of human beings. It also understands the special genetic composition of ginkgo, which makes it survive countless severe cold and heat and become the oldest relict plant among gymnosperms.

Continue to have a cup of coffee, and the sharing meeting will enter the "white-hot" with "Do you want happiness, or right or wrong". In the face of a marriage that requires "fighting wits and bravery", each book friend has put forward his own point of view on how the husband and wife should deal with various problems existing in the marriage, such as children's education and how to deal with quarrels. In the following "Inferiority and Transcendence", book lovers had a deeper discussion on marriage. Marriage is a cooperative relationship, mutual respect and no status. Good management relationship is what we need to do in our life, and it is also a required course that needs good experience.

light coffee fragrance, Lang Lang reading sound, reading history to be wise, knowing the past to learn the present. Finally, entering the history sharing link between China and foreign countries, "History of Entrepreneurship" takes us to appreciate a mirror of China's rural socialist revolution and construction. The fearless spirit of hard work and self-reliance will not be out of date in any era. "The German" depicts the rise and fall of Germany from 800 AD to the 1940 s. Through the depiction of the flesh and blood figures in German history, we can experience the situation and relive the German history for thousands of years. And "Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms" let us know a period of great division in Chinese history. In the late Tang Dynasty, civil unrest occurred everywhere, and various towns became kings on their own, and civil strife in the Central Plains was endless. Soldiers and fierce generals became kings and kings, father and son killed each other and reincarnated, scholars sold their bodies for glory, and the people were devastated. But it was also this dark period that provided a lesson for the new round of integration and unification of China and China, which gave birth to the era of Zhao and Song Dynasties with prosperous cultural governance and highly developed political civilization.

A book, a wisp of mellow coffee fragrance; A group of people, sharing their many stories. From the "world of books" to the distance, we will find more people and a wider world.

Author: Jiang Lianghong