Notes-Light and Shadow



Notes-Light and Shadow
Early in the morning, a ray of sunshine sneaked into the room through the gap in the curtains, quietly awakening the sleeping me. I opened my eyes and looked at this ray of sunshine, and my thoughts drifted away inadvertently. At this time, I remembered a passage from San Mao: "The years slipped by quietly. Before I knew it, the years were once again. I seemed to have forgotten that it was several years now. The past rippling in the years, with the dark change of time, slowly passed away and disappeared without trace. However, I still cling to yesterday's prosperity and chase the brilliance in the story." Yes, this passage is very similar to my mood at this time.

Since 2020, the new crown epidemic, as if to give time to press the shortcut key, a lot of people and things are urged by time to move forward, walking in a hurry, a lot of people and things are shrouded in a layer of gauze, can not see the distance, more can not see the familiar face, as if memories have faded color.

I still remember the Chinese New Year in the first year of the epidemic. At that time, walking on the road was deserted, and the laughter in the street was gone. People's eyes were full of precautions, which made people feel that the distance between people was so close, but so far away. In the Spring Festival of previous years, every fifth day of the month, we will organize a class meeting. We will eat together, talk about gossip, listen to complaints, play cards and play games. How fast the time is, and the aftertaste is also a lively and interesting scene. However, now, there are more regrets that we can't get together. In fact, what we regret is not what we have lost, but the melancholy of those who want to do but can't do it. As time goes by, everyone will start their own families and businesses. In future gatherings, everyone will focus more on children, family, and work. Friends and classmates will gradually become less important social interactions. At this time, there will be more and more people absent from your memories.

As the indoor temperature slowly climbed, I got up and opened the curtains. The dazzling sun came in. I looked out of the window and felt the breeze. I looked down at the green plants that had just sprouted. Suddenly, I was no longer depressed. Let's wait for the epidemic to pass, back to the days before the epidemic without masks, maybe we missed a lot during the epidemic, so that some plans to suspend became waiting, unable to participate in friends important time, will leave regret, it doesn't matter, we have to believe that good things always grind more. No matter what happens, there are always family and friends around us who will not leave, and what we can do is to seize today, cherish everyone and things at the moment, cherish a cherished heart, cherish a flower, a grass, a tree and a heart. Everything in society and the world becomes expected.

Author: Chen Jing