Scientific view, no more anxiety-after the outbreak is released.



Scientific view, no more anxiety-after the outbreak is released.

With the liberalization of the new crown policy, in the era of the Internet, we will actively or passively search to receive a large amount of information about the epidemic, there may be rumors, which will increase the sense of panic and pressure. "Sooner or later" and how to deal with "becoming yang" have become our hot topics, so how to face the epidemic scientifically and ease emotions? The Human Resources Department specially invited Mr. Wu of Marketing and Mr. Chen Zhihua of the Central Marketing Department to bring us this theme lecture-[Lecture on Popularization of Epidemic Prevention Knowledge and Psychological Counseling], to teach the company's employees to deal with the overwhelmed and anxious emotions under the epidemic, do psychological protection, and win the psychological warfare "epidemic".

This lecture gave us a systematic explanation of the new coronavirus situation, the individual differences shown by infection, its distinction from the common cold and flu, what should be done in daily prevention, the importance of improving immunity, post-infection symptoms, drug dosage, medication for special populations and post-recovery treatment.

or to improve resistance, positive to see after listening to the lecture, we have a scientific understanding of the new coronavirus, but also understand the daily need to do a good job of protection, after infection and other knowledge, including the family of the elderly, children how to use drugs also mentioned, to a large extent to ease everyone's panic, anxiety.

After the epidemic was released, the company specially prepared Chinese medicine tea for epidemic prevention and lectures on epidemic prevention knowledge to make employees feel the company's humanistic care. After this lecture, we have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the new coronavirus, so that we can put the epidemic in perspective. When encountering an epidemic, we can treat the epidemic scientifically, respond actively, and quickly come out of the discomfort of being infected, and return to life and work with enthusiasm.

Author: Zheng Xingxing