I exercise, I am happy-healthy exercise every day



I exercise, I am happy-healthy exercise every day

Yes, "I exercise, I am happy" is slogan of our Lijiexun Health Sports Interest Group.

Life lies in sports. A person walks fast, a group of people walk far, and the members of the healthy sports interest group are such a group of people. Everyone comes together because they love sports and chooses their own favorite. The way of exercise.

Whether you are working on a business trip, working in Fuzhou Software Park, working in Qishan Campus of Normal University, or working in a pharmaceutical factory, at the end of the day's work, we can all share in the group what sports are clocked in here?

Running, aerobics, cycling, walking, rope skipping...

See each other's sports results, encourage each other and share happiness ~

Below, I will show you the sports results of our nearly week

friends insist on exercising for half an hour every day to promote blood circulation, physical and mental health, and enhance physical fitness, there are also many sports talents here. Come and guess who he/she is?

Welcome to type your answer in the comments!

Here, you can not only share the happiness of punching in the sports clock, but also gain a little knowledge about health

After the sun, the warm reminder

sent by your little partner browses the activities of our health sports group, are you also stirring, want to join us ~

come and scan the WeChat of the code leader, join!

Author: Li Juan