Immersive Reading Romantic Sharing



Immersive Reading Romantic Sharing
The warm wind is blowing and the sky is clear. On January 08, the friends of the Book Club held the fourth reading and sharing activity in Jitou Village.

"Cafe at the End of the World" takes the meaning of existence as the main line, discovers the power of life, continues to shine, and book clubs exchange and collide with the view of "finding yourself" and "contentment and happiness". There are many people who have been working together for a long time. In Zherong, growing up with Lijiexun is also the meaning of many people.
See geography through history. Book clubs show the brilliance of the earth, the form of the world and the majesty of China in the form of satellite maps. The changes of China's territory in modern times, the stories of the rivers along the border, the guardianship of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the sea area and the southernmost tip of China, lamented the splendor of China. A brief discussion of the deeds of the territories of various countries and a taste of the richness of the world.
"Rivers of the Ages" takes the Yellow River and the Yangtze River as its source and nurtures the children of China. In the process of ethnic migration, it breeds the Yellow River culture, mainland culture and coastal culture, enriches the food culture and introduces the teaching culture.
"Becoming Myself" takes the author's past experiences of failures and mistakes as an example, reflects on his ignorance and shortcomings, leaves the truth of life to more people, thinks about the rationality of behavior from the perspective of others, and treats people and things with empathy.
"Doctor Doolittle's Post Office" The animals in the post office have their own stories. Take piggy as an example to let book lovers feel the power of sincere helping others. Fairy tale is to heal the soul of the sun, warm themselves regardless of age, fairy tale eternal companionship.
"Vision" guides us to establish correct workplace thinking, focus on 45 years of career, and have foresight thinking with more actions and less worries. For each career stage, enhance skills, reserve experience and knowledge, maintain and expand resources and contacts, maintain a high-spirited state at all times, constantly accept challenges, and deal with the balance between workplace and life.
"Milk Coke Economics" analyzes the economic knowledge life from the dimensions of milk Coke's function, packaging and benefits. Through the combination of high-priced clean water and free peanuts in the bar, higher profits can be realized. From shallow to deep, interlocking, life is full of small secrets of money.
"Learn to Ask Questions" Sponge Questions and Gold Rush Questions. The former is absorption and the latter is criticism. For matters, conclusions and problems such as folk prescriptions, leadership arrangements, etc., one needs to learn to ask in reverse, find the root and ask the bottom, learn to change one's thinking dimension and look at problems openly.
is the last closing activity of the Year of the Tiger Reading Club. It not only shares, but also focuses on communication. It talks freely in the small courtyard and feels in the fragrance of tea. From history, geography, economy, workplace, philosophy and fairy tales, book friends blend their views and ideas and learn from each other. Immersion reading, romantic sharing, will be beautiful to the end, the rabbit year renewal!

Author: Chen Zimu