Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Reading Sharing Meeting (II): Boiling Tea in a Furnace to Delight in Books



Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Reading Sharing Meeting (II): Boiling Tea in a Furnace to Delight in Books

"Red Baking Shallow Ou's New Fire, Dragon Tuan's Small Milling and Bucking Clear Window" This is the scene of the ancients cooking tea around the stove and talking about life. At the time of prosperity, the Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Book Club met in the "City Book Shop" to hold the first reading sharing session in 2023-cooking tea around the stove and talking about reading feelings.

"Advice from Kazuo Inamori to Young People" tells us about Kazuo Inamori's tortuous life, but he firmly believes that as long as he pays no less than anyone's efforts, he will definitely make a difference and achieve a career. As long as you make a little progress every day, after a period of accumulation, there will inevitably be new breakthroughs. To be in favor of others is the best and fastest way to succeed. When we are confused and at a loss, opening this book can give us a light beam in the dark night and inspire ourselves. At the same time, we can also talk with great souls and feel the great wisdom of wise men.

"The Three of Us" teaches us that family members and lovers should be tolerant and tolerant of each other in family life. Although everyone has their own shortcomings and shortcomings, we learn to appreciate, attract, support and encourage each other. In good times, never leave; in adversity, support each other, hand in hand, what a lucky thing.

"Impromptu Speech" is ready to deal with anything naturally, and learn how to master communication skills and contingency skills to deal with emergencies in time.

"Biography of Su Dongpo" tells the story of Su Dongpo's calm and broad-minded attitude towards ups and downs of honor and disgrace despite his ups and downs. Always keep in advance and retreat freely, do not be surprised, all the way forward. Su Dongpo's achievements are not limited to literature. His achievements in calligraphy, painting and other fields are very outstanding, and he has also contributed to medicine, cooking, water conservancy and other skills. "Snow foam milk flower floating noon light, Polygonum mash bamboo shoots try spring plate. The taste of the world is Qinghuan", write the author's pursuit, love and yearning for a leisurely and elegant life, "bamboo sticks and shoes are better than horses, who is afraid? A bit of smoke and rain for life", "looking back to the bleak place, back, there is no wind and rain and no sunshine". Expressed his disregard for foreign objects, "everything is floating clouds" feeling.

During the reading exchange, everyone actively shared and the atmosphere was warm. In the hustle and bustle of city life, put a quiet desk, quietly read a good book! Books are a beacon that guides us in the direction of our progress, and Lijiexun allows us who like to read to get together and become friends. There are books and friends, so why not be happy.

Original: Lu Ying, Logistics Supervisor, Administration Department of Pharmaceutical Factory