The first issue of Lijiexun Pharmaceutical's internal publication was released, and all departments were fully fired.



Seven school moves, the Human Resources Department's spring move started strongly, adding new strength to the talent pool of Lijiexun.

The first issue of Lijiexun Pharmaceutical's internal publication was released, and all departments were fully fired.

PART01 Highlights

7 School Recruits, Human Resources Department's Spring Recruits Started Strongly, Lijiexun Talent Pool Added New Strength

This Issue Hotspot

Is the so-called Gold, Silver and Four, Spring is the peak of talent recruitment. In order to enrich the talent pool of Jiexun and help our company find more talent reserves, the human resources department, under the leadership of human resources director -Zhu zong, went deep into the campus to dig out outstanding new forces. by the end of March, seven spring school moves had been completed, leaving us behind in all major universities.

In Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Human Resources Department also held a lecture with the support of the school and teachers, and gave lectures from the directions of company introduction, corporate culture, corporate job requirements and employment standards, talent training, employee benefits, etc., which narrowed the distance between many prospective students and us. The lecture was full and the scene was hot. Zheng xingxing, personnel commissioner of

human resources department, announced the spring recruitment process of

at the publicity meeting. lijiexun attracted outstanding students from 7 universities to send their resumes one after another. the main specialties are pharmacy, biomedicine, pharmacy, etc. the "DNA" fit is 100, the recruitment results are remarkable, and lijiexun's talent pool has added new strength. Students from all over the world gathered at Li Jiexun, embraced the original intention of "continuously providing solution for human health", serving people's health and well-being, helping to build a healthy China, and lighting up the healthy future of millions of people in Qian Qian with the original intention.

It is reported that the Human Resources Department will still carry out a number of school recruitment activities in April , taking dreams as the horse and living up to the youth, expecting more new students to join.

Human Resources Department -Li Juan Contributed

PART02 Market Management

Product Highlights Can Be Played Like ", Single and Double Bets Joker skr ~

Pseudostellaria Granules: Lingyao Yifei Spleen, Nourishing Yin and Tonifying Qi Force, qingxin Anshen Yi

Citicoline Sodium Tablets : Diffuse in Brain Nerve, Disappear Faith, Rethink Power

Zengye Oral Liquid: Nourishing Yin and Promoting Fluid, Increasing Fluid and Runzao, Drugs Less Functional Specialization, Gain Human Body

Trivasopressin for Injection: Lowering Portal Pulse Pressure, Good Kidney Flow, High Safety, less side effects

Innovative drug Lupatifen: has been well developed and has good clinical efficacy.

Lijiexun -a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry, learning from others' strengths, striving for first-class and unremitting efforts.

Lijiexun Product

Supply and Storage Department -Wang Chengbei Contribution

PART03 Staff Forum

01 Continuous Struggle Can Change "Ordinary" into "Extraordinary"

Not Accumulating Steps , Not Even Thousands of Miles; No small flow, there is no river or sea. What seems trivial work can turn "ordinary" into "extraordinary" in a sustained struggle ". The youth of

struggle is hot red

women soldiers work in the sterile workshop

almost all the strugglers in the sterile workshop are "women soldiers", they appear on time with the first ray of sunshine in the morning every day, and the product packaging is exquisite, both fast and accurate, keep a high concentration of attention at all times, flexible and careful is the key word of their work. Day after day of heart and care, gradually trained their "golden eyes" and "fast hands", their struggle for the efficient production of Lijiexun provides a lasting impetus.

# The youth of 113 struggle is full of green

production comfortable corner

Pharmaceutical Factory is located in Zherong County Industrial Park, which is close to mountains and water and has fresh air. The comfortable environment always allows

"women's army" to relax and enjoy during their rest time; in order to consider the tastes of colleagues from all over the world, the canteen of the pharmaceutical factory is also self-service. only when you are full can you do a good job. The care of these small details of Lijiexun always makes us feel warm and relieved, and the struggling youth has more vitality in these warmth.

Aseptic Workshop

-Qin Lili Contributes

02 Learn to control emotions in order to control work and life

In work, the importance of emotional management cannot be ignored. Emotion management strategy understand


first of all, understand their own emotions:

everyone has different emotional expression and processing methods, understanding and accurately expressing their emotions is better than suppressing emotions;

Secondly, find an effective way to relieve emotions:

This method is very necessary for some people who are extremely prone to emotional fluctuations. Such as walking or playing simple sports. If time permits, you can listen to some relaxing music to soothe your mood. Effective ways often get twice the result with half the effort;

Third, maintain good interpersonal communication:

It is very important to maintain good interpersonal communication at work. You can communicate more with colleagues and understand each other's ideas, which can reduce Friction and conflict in work, thereby improving work efficiency;

Emotional management is a skill we must learn to be the master of emotions, in order to better control the work, control of life.

PART04 Cultural Exhibition

Pseudostellaria heterophylla Growth Record

Hello, brothers and sisters, my name is Pseudostellaria heterophylla, is a perennial herbaceous plant, height

15-20cm, I come from Zherong County, Ningde City, Fujian Province, and is a local authentic medicinal material. My nickname is: child ginseng, child ginseng.

cold dew season,

my brothers and sisters and were planted in sandy loam by my uncles and aunts. The weather here in Ningde Zherong is mild, humid and cool, which is the most suitable for me to stay. We were planted in autumn, a season full of harvest. Looking at the red maple leaves and golden late rice, we were also infected with the joy of harvest. Some people will ask me, are you not afraid of the cold when you are planted in autumn? I will tell him, don't underestimate me, I am not afraid of the cold. when you plant in autumn, you can grow roots in winter and seedlings in spring. when the average temperature is 10~20 ℃, the growth is vigorous. when the temperature exceeds 30 ℃, the plants begin to wither in late June and sleep for the summer.

In the early growth period, my growth rate was slow, mainly the leaves. From the middle and late April to the middle and late May of

, I entered the vigorous growth period, in which the plants grew rapidly and the dry matter accumulation increased rapidly. From late May to before I poured the seedlings, I entered the late growth period, mainly the nutrient reflux period of the aboveground part, at this stage, my underground root tubers expanded rapidly. Taizi ginseng began to pour seedlings in late June and finished in early July.

There is also an allusion about my name: According to legend, Li Shizhen traveled to Nanjing to publish Compendium of Materia Medica. Mrs Yu Yi was not feeling well. Later, she found that the wild vegetables eaten by the woman could cure her illness and suggested that she decoct and take them. After taking them for a few days, they did have curative effect. Li Shizhen then went to the wild vegetable picking place and Li Shizhen got the treasure. Because this herb grows around the graveyard of Prince Zhu Yuanzhang, Li Shizhen named it

"Radix Pseudostellariae".

When it comes to my name, many people may think of

"ginseng" and "American ginseng". However, I am different from them. Ginseng is the "grandfather" with a wide range of functions in our ginseng world. American ginseng has the effects of invigorating qi, nourishing yin, clearing heat and promoting fluid. my main effects are invigorating spleen and lung, invigorating qi and promoting fluid. my medicinal properties are relatively peaceful, taking ginseng to children will not cause obvious side effects, and children's appetite and weight will not reach the standard when their spleen and stomach are weak, so I am the treasure of children and the magic medicine oh ~

that's all for my introduction. thank you for listening.